17th Regt. of Foot
Light Infantry

Today's Reenactment Company

Original established in 1975, the Light Company of the 17th Foot participated in most of the major, and minor, military programs held during the American Bicentennial celebration. During that time the unit was uniformed and equipped as it might have appeared on campaign from 1775 to mid 1777. Today's company portrays the Light Infantryman during the Philadelphia Campaign of late 1777. Extensive primary research both during and after the Bicentennial has established that major changes were undertaken in the uniform of the British Army by late 1777. Period writings, prints, paintings and even political cartoons show the British soldier and especially the Light infantry in a very utilitarian dress ready for the rigors of fighting in North American.

The Light Infantry Company of the 17th Foot participates in a number of period reenactments each year including the battles of Monmouth, Brandywine, Germantown, Red Bank, Trenton and Hope Lodge (White Marsh Encampment). While there are no unit dues each member is expectated to maintain an annual membership in the Brigade of the American Revolution. The Light Company of the 17th Regiment of Foot is incorporate in the state of New Jersey.